Fix Me, My Mamma Broke Me                            
Medium ····· Acrylic paint on canvas
Dimensions·················· 90x70cm

Exhibited ··· Listastofan, RVK, 2019


Collective exhibition featuring the works of 8 Iceland based artists that all have a form of absurd and humorous take on the theme of destruction. Much like a bunch of nagging teenagers we believe that destruction allows for reconstruction, we question our perception of success, control and purpose. We messed up, ruined it all and would like to show the world in a loud scream, so yeah there will be sharp blades and fire. So, yeah... WE RUINED EVERYTHING. Article for Artzine

Exhibiting artists:
Sean Patrick O'Brien - ‪Tveikjari‬ (Ég kem að vörmu spori)
Serge Comte - Pizza Tonton / Zéroticône
Drengurinn fengurinn - Hvenær fær maður að vera í friði?
Logi Leó Gunnarsson - Cut-Off Blade Looper
Claire Paugam - Insects
Martyna Daniel - Fix Me, My Mamma Broke Me
Anne Rombach - Work Of Fiction
Þröstur Valgarðsson - So fucking Symbolic it hurts