Lines - Music Video for Jelena Ćirić
Medium ····················video
Released···············RVK, 2020

Music and colours speak similar languages.
Jelena on the video for Lines:

“We wanted the video to feel like a short film, one with a narrative, and I think there’s a very relatable feeling in the video – we all imagine ‘what could have been’ if we had made different decisions at various points in our lives. But there’s a twist at the end that I think keeps the meaning very open to interpretation.
We had no intention to reflect ‘covid times,’ but I realize that they sort of creeped into the concept as well – going on walks alone and brushing past different realities that are closed to you, all separated by glass.”

The music video was released in 2020 and can be seen HERE.

“Lines seeks answers to big questions in the most unlikely places and the video, directed by cinematographer and painter Martyna Daniel, is the perfect accompaniment.” Full Article HERE