What’s keeping me busy these days?

Music video for Inside Weather by Jelena Ćirić
The music video was shot in March 2021 and is currently is the final post-production stages. It will be released in April/May 2021.


Color grading the short film Fire by Sami Kali
The short film is scheduled to come out in the second part of 2021 and is produced by the swiss film production company Bad Taste Pictures.

Pre-production for a film on Displacement 
The Project will create 6 hybrid sonic & visual experiences enabling musicians and artists from all corners of Europe to work with diverse ethnographers, visual storytellers and communities along with the Project Partners and their creative teams. The team I am a part of will create a short film called Poles Apart: A Foreigner at Home scheduled to come out in 2022.

Meeting between Einkofi Production and Reykjavik Ensemble in April 2021 to plan a collaborative film production.
Auction of my paintings in Gallerí Fold
Solidarity auction to support activists at No Borders Iceland. The auction ends on April 18th 2021. A selection of my paintings can be bought HERE. All profit will go towards No Borders Iceland.


Two medium large format paintings, acrylic paint and glitter on canvas. All format and price details through the link above.

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