What’s keeping me busy these days?

Loops - a series of little embroideries

I embraced repetitve movements and have been looping through loops for many months now. I might never stop.


I SPIN - some words on paper in sound form

I used to write compusively as a child and teenager until a teacher said mean things and I stopped. A year ago, I started again and now I can’t stop. A bit from what I wrote is available for a listen HERE.


Liminality - a film on displacement
The Project created 6 hybrid sonic & visual experiences enabling musicians and artists from all corners of Europe to work with diverse ethnographers, visual storytellers and communities along with the Project Partners and their creative teams. The team I am a part of created a short film called Liminality. It was premiered in the Nordic House in Reykjavik in february 2022 and will be available for online viewing after its festival tour.

Meeting between Einkofi Production and Reykjavik Ensemble in April 2021 to plan the collaborative film production.

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